What Will I Learn?

You will learn finance and investing. Through our curriculum, you will learn to perform sophisticated financial and investment analysis like how it’s done at Wall Street’s top firms.

Our curriculum starts from the very basics, such as what a stock is and where to find the information you need to perform the analysis. If you are a beginner with no pre-existing knowledge, our curriculum is perfect because you will be able to see how finance works from start to finish. And if you already have pre-existing knowledge, we will take your knowledge to the next level by diving into the advanced topics.

Our structured curriculum will tell you what to learn next each step along the way. The courses build on top of one another and gradually increase in difficulty. You will be able to reinforce what you learned through taking quizzes and completing exercise worksheets. By the end of our curriculum, you will be able to analyze companies like a financial professional on Wall Street.

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